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A digital marketing agency focused on travel and tourism marketing, A Couple of Chicks e-Marketing brings together social media strategists, web copy writers, search specialists, SEO marketing experts, online PR, and travel industry professionals with proven strategies for building successful online brands in a fun and non-intimidating way.

As a full-service online marketing agency, we offer a suite of interactive marketing services with specific expertise in the tourism, travel and hospitality industry. We are really good at it too – and we have a whole collection of great case studies to prove it!

With proven expertise and a team collective of over 200 years combined tourism marketing expertise, A Couple of Chicks e-Marketing provides clients with digital marketing strategy, guidance, execution and measurement to ensure success on the web.

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LinkedIn and Social Selling: Not your momma’s job board

As a recovering entrepreneur and student of social media, I am keenly aware that LinkedIn is not something that any professional should ignore.  LinkedIn is a powerful social selling platform and builder of Brand YOU. Whether you are selling yourself […]
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Time for change. A Couple of Chicks™ make a strategic shift

After almost a decade of navigating the brave new world of digital media, we have come to a time to shift – yet again.  This time the shift will be the end of an era and the start of something […]
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Lessons in “LIVE” social media marketing and retail

The days around the grand opening of the Outlet Collection at Niagara, the largest outdoor mall of it's kind in Canada, were critical in launching a successful social media presence. Key to its success was leveraging the online and offline buzz, responding to accolades and criticism, and learning what content was resonating with the audiences on each social media platform.
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Online Revealed Digital Marketing Conference returns to Toronto for its 9th year

The annual Online Revealed Digital Marketing Conference for tourism and hospitality professionals brings NEW, innovative, cutting-edge digital, social and mobile marketing technologies and tactics, as well as real-world practical application learning’s to ensure our attendees have the tools needed to succeed online. Registration still open for April 7-9, 2014 Online Revealed Conference being held at the Toronto Hilton Airport Hotel.
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2014 Canadian eTourism Digital Marketing Award Winners Announced

2014 Canadian eTourism award winners announced as part of the annual Online Revealed Conference taking place April 7-9th 2014 at the Toronto Hilton Airport Hotel. The 5th annual eTourism awards celebrates excellence in marketing Canadian travel online. Nova Scotia Tourism Agency, TravelZoo, Newfoundland and Labrador, and White Oaks Conference Resort and Spa are among the winners.
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Facebook – You don’t know me like you think you do

When Faceboook was primarily an organic and viral community of chatter, it was fairly simple for a digital marketer to create a brand voice that could be part of a dialogue with users. Reaching Facebook users has now become a delicate balance of paid and organic content working together to keep Fans engaged.
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social media: getting past the first date

Social media is the first date; it is how you continue to build the relationship after this first encounter that is the key to turning LIKES into CUSTOMERS.
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Deck the halls with acoupleofchicks

acoupleofchicks give deck the halls a new twist for the holiday season!
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Google Turns 15, and Takes A Stand On Important Issues [Like Most Teenagers Do]

This week month Google turned 15 and in exactly one month so will my daughter. 1998 was a year of great change and represents the birth of some of my biggest passions. I’ve watched them both grow and evolve over the years. Things were so much simpler back then – the world was a smaller place then and the newness of it all was so exciting. Like babies, Google did not come with an instruction book so there was a lot of trial and error in those early days, and late nights and early mornings. It was hard to understand if what I was doing was the right thing (mothering strategy and digital marketing strategy) because neither could talk to me, yet. And both were cute in the beginning but have change so much in the way they look having matured into things of beauty –from toothless smiles (image-less search results and websites) to bright colorful beings with multifaceted reactions to questions! There is an ability to anticipate my thoughts and to know how I am going to react based on past behaviors. They are definitely both mobile and social now too!
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What’s HOT in Social Media according to @acoupleofchicks (and other good sources)

Forget about the current heat wave in Ontario, lets talk what’s HOT in social media. With new viral video's, vine's, keek's, or tweet's making news daily on Mashable.com, and even offline headlines every day, A Couple of Chicks' roundup some of the hot topics in social media, and what trends are important to watch.
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